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Airflow sensor with omnidirectional head.


Precise, easy-placement sensors designed for single or multi-point measurements in a variety of applications with a convenient, USB output for data collection with your PC or Laptop. Choose the sensor head and flow range that best suit your application.
Omnidirectional head for airflow sensor.

Omnidirectional Head

The new Omnidirectional head is perfect for finding turbulent flow profiles.
Airflow sensor using USB to output data.

Aggregate Your Sensor Data

The AccuTrac™ software collects air velocity, air temperature, as well as humidity and altitude (or barometric pressure) data real-time and displays, saves, reviews, graphs, and prints without export to another program.
Multi-port data collection istrument.

Multi-Channel Data Acquisition

Connect over 100 sensors to the °C Port family of data acquisition instruments.

Specs & Details


  • Velocity Accuracy: 1% of Full Scale
  • Accuracy (the greater of): ±0.025m/s (5fpm) or ±5% of reading
  • Standard Calibrated Flow Range: 0.15 – 20.0 m/s (30 – 4000 fpm)
  • Power: USB-Based input, use PC or °C Port Instrument
  • RoHS Certified & CE Marked
  • Supported Software: AccuTrac™

Normal lead-time is 2-3 business days.


Data Sheet (UAS1000)
Manual (Accutrac)

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