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°C Grate

Fully-configurable sensor pole array system for planar air velocity and temperature measurement - replete with data collection software. This portable sensor assembly is designed for quick testing of cool airflow over perforated tiles in data center aisles.

Zero Impedance Design

Wheeled design, battery powered, and articulating tablet mount for easy portability

Tablet Included with Pre-loaded Software

Data Logging Software Includes Three Different Viewing Options:
Air Velocity, Temperature, & 3D Visualization

Quick Assembly

Effortlessly assemble the °C Grate in under 30 minutes

°C Grate vs Balometer

With a zero-impedance measurement architecture, the °C Grate™ does not impart any back pressure to a floor tile during testing.

Specs & Details

  • Velocity Accuracy:
     5% of reading or ±0.05 m/s (whichever is greater)
     *within compensation range

  • Repeatability: ±1% of reading (under identical conditions)

  • Temperature Accuracy: ±2°C (3.8°F)

  • Velocity Range: 0.3 – 5.0 m/s (50 – 1000 fpm)

  • Velocity Resolution: 0.1 m/s (1 fpm)

  • Volumetric Range: 80 – 4200 m³/h (50 – 2500 cfm)

  • Volumetric Resolution: 1 m³/h (1 cfm)

Normal lead-time for ˚C Grate is 4-8 weeks.


Data Sheet

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