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HotSpotr - Underfloor Fan Tray Tile Cooling System for Data Centers

Degree Controls, Inc.

HotSpotr - Underfloor Fan Tray Tile Cooling System for Data Centers

Quantity discounts in effect for Auto Transfer Switch w/ dual 6 ft. [2m] IEC Cable with NEMA 5-15 Connector. Single C13 receptacle on 10” [0.25m] cable. Buy 1-9 $3,345.00 ea Buy 10+ $3,166.00 ea

With the HotSpotrTM active airflow management platform, data center airflow is augmented at the rack-level or facility scale to yield capacity gains, conserve energy expended on cooling, and serve as an automated redundancy measure to protect IT assets from thermal spikes or CRAC/CRAH failures. Our HotSpotrTM assets are the only networkable products on the market configured for seamless integration with existing cooling infrastructure and building system control architectures in the data center. 

The HotSpotrTM Solution Mitigates Common Problems in the Data Center including:

  • Asset vulnerability in the event of cooling infrastructure (CRAC/CRAH) failures
  • Thermal spikes around high-density racks 
  • Overcooling in zones with poor airflow distribution 
  • Areas with too many or too few perforated tiles 
  • Turbulent underfloor plenum conditions or blockages 
  • IT racks and servers with highly variable kWh load 
  • Capacity limitations due to untapped cooling infrastructure efficacy 
  • High TCO due to poor PUE ranking

Technical Specifications:

HT510 Brochure
User Manual
Case Study
IEEE Publication

Availability: Ships within 7 business days

Solution Benefits:

   Matches Airflow to Meet IT Demand at the Rack Level
  Average IT Capacity Gains of 30%
     Thermostatically Automated Redundancy for Uptime Protection
  Improves Aisle Containment Efficiency by Balancing Air Pressure
    Energy Savings of 30% or Greater!
    TOC Reduction and Energy Rebate Qualification

Technical Features Overview:

  Includes 8 DC Fans with Redundant Design
   Output as high as 1200 CFM
      Temperature sensors automate solution to match CFM to rack-specific kWh
     Consumes120W! Emergency Power Off (EPO) for Fire Suppression System Integration
  Portable hardware with non-disruptive, zero footprint installation in under 30 minutes!
 Units can be networked together with CRACs or CRAHs using our DBC Software
 Remote environmental management services and software available!

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