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Flowmarker - High Performance Fog Visualization Instrument

Degree Controls, Inc.

Flowmarker - High Performance Fog Visualization Instrument


Description: The FlowMarker is a portable, lightweight fogger for a wide variety of flow visualization applications. The FlowMarker generates fog of ambient temperature. It does not serve as a heat source and does not cause air to rise, but its fog follows the natural undisturbed movements of air. The FlowMarker uses a proprietary fog fluid specifically developed for indoor flow visualization applications. Unlike traditional smoke sticks, the FlowMarker fog is nontoxic, germ-free, and does not promote growth of organisms. FlowMarker fog breaks down into carbon dioxide and water, leaving no trace. Choose from a single-point low-flow applicator for ventilation system validation, to multi-stream impedance shaping, or the extended accessory hose for wide-area movement, and even full-enclosure room ventilation and building envelope fogging. Certification, test & measurement companies use the FlowMarker II as their tool of choice for in-the-field work due to its portable nature, extended flow capability, long residence.

Availability:  Shipment within 2 business days.

Specifications:  Download Technical Specifications
                            Download Product User Manual
                            Download Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
                            Download Hydra Accessory Kit Information Sheet


  • Capable of filling 3 m3 (100 ft3) area with fog in constant-on mode, before evaporation
  • Portable, battery operated instrument
  • FDA-GRAS approved, on-depositing oil-less and smoke-free fog fluid
  • Includes battery charger with illuminating LED charge indicator
  • High opacity and long visual latency to meet your application needs
  • Eliminates use of toxic smoke machines, dry ice and smoke sticks


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