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F660/F662 Board-Mount Digital Airflow Sensor (Vertical Profile)

Degree Controls, Inc.

F660/F662 Board-Mount Digital Airflow Sensor (Vertical Profile)


The F660/F662 is the smallest, fully-integrated, board-solderable, digital airflow and air temperature sensor on the market, for real-time on-board measurement. The F660 (15-24V input) and F662 (5-12V input) can be soldered directly to a printed circuit board, or plugged into a surface-mount socket for easy removal.  The taller profile is used in 2RU+ electronic systems, or those where component height is not heavily restricted.

  • Smallest footprint air velocity sensor available
  • UART or I2C communication
  • Dual sensing element with protective shroud
  • Fully linearized air velocity and air temperature with wide operating range
  • Less than 20mA power consumption
  • Up to 5% Accuracy and Repeatability Rating
  • Addressing for up to 32 sensors on an I2C bus
  • Alarm output option available for switch style operation
  • Available flow learning command for product optimization, post-soldering
  • RoHS-compliant

Availability:  Shipment within 7 business days. Volume orders may require additional lead time.

Specifications:  F660/F662 Data Sheet
                         Board Mount Sensor Manual

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